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Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will control your life and you will call it fate.
C.G. Jung


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Owing to the clarity of training materials and the high information potential of the course, only two things were required of us: open minds and concentration. This compendium of knowledge was conveyed in a highly attractive way.

Mediator's interactive workshops imparted knowledge and skills on many levels with the use of games and simulations.

This unconventional training formula proved to be highly attractive and effective, and it was met with high acclaim from the participants.
Teresa Ajdamach
Human Resources and Training Expert
British American Tobacco Polska

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to two wonderful people whom I first met 7 years ago (...).

Our last meeting was yet another break-through point in my professional growth, my self-knowledge and understanding of other people. Above all, the training taught me how to plan and live a meaningful life.

I have the great pleasure of recommending Kasia and Darek as professional business partners who will accurately diagnose the group's needs and effectively assist the client in solving his problems. An innovative approach to conveying philosophical and psychological knowledge to training participants makes Kasia and Darek the most unique trainers I have ever worked with. Their workshops are always highly motivating, they give me an energy boost and they inspire me to continue searching for what we call the meaning of life.
Piotr Wrzalik
Vice President of the Management Board
Contium S.A.

As a trainer who works for a large foreign corporation, I took part in many training courses and workshops in Poland and abroad.

Mediator's "Team Management" training was a break-through experience in my professional and personal life. In short, the course provided me with a new outlook on seemingly unimportant situations. I have developed a&nbps;conscious and structured approach to situations that I had always considered to be important.

I recommend this course to all those who have seen everything as well as those who are only beginning to learn the ropes – you can't overestimate the power of higher awareness.
Anna Pawłowska
Training Manager
Schering-Plough Central East SA

Initially, my expectations were based on what I had experienced during other training courses and workshops, namely the development of effective work tools (...). It turned out, however, that we would receive much more. Kasia and Darek led us through a group analysis process which provided me with an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes of my actions and other people's behavior.

During every workshop with Mediator, I expanded my level of awareness as a human being, manager, investor, father and husband. I participated in three Mediator courses.

When working with Mediator's trainers, you have to be ready for change, but in my case, every change was positive, and it enabled me to beat a crisis.

Every time we examine the nature of a problem, we diagnose its root causes. Mediator's trainers provide me with the relevant knowledge as well as tools for implementing the new skills in practice.
Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński
President of the Management Board
Contium S.A.

I was impressed by the level of professionalism that he exhibited in his training sessions. Dariusz is an articulate trainer who has significant experience in the field. Through his knowledge, experience and skills, Dariusz was able to use a variety of training techniques to transfer his knowledge of employment issues to the participants.

Based on the elements I have discussed,
I give Dariusz Horyd my highest possible endorsement.
Gina Gilbreath Holdar, Ph.D.
Team Leader for the British Know How Fund Project
Landell Mills

The trainers demonstrate a high level of knowledge and skill. The taught courses were highly captivating. According to the participants, the acquired skills helped them to attain the set goals directly after the completion of training.
Emilia Strzelecka
Human Resources Expert
Cadbury Wedel

Mediator begins every program with a thorough diagnosis of needs based on participant interviews. After the audit, we received a detailed report with recommendations and a list of training courses that we could choose from.

The courses were taught in a highly interesting and interactive way. The trainers had an intuitive grasp of the participants' attitudes, and they adapted the level of knowledge and the training pace accordingly.

Most participants were of the opinion that Mediator's course was one of the best personal development programs they had ever attended.

I highly recommend Mediator's workshops. The offered courses improved our professional qualifications and, equally importantly, they enabled us to growth on a personal level. Colgate Palmolive Poland will definitely work with Mediator in the future.
Piotr Goździejewski
Account Development Director
Colgate Palmolive Poland

The workshops fully accounted for our training needs which had been thoroughly analyzed by Mediator during an in-depth needs audit.

We were very satisfied with the trainers' level of skill, thorough preparation, their ability to create a friendly atmosphere, individual approach to participants, the quality of feedback information concerning the participants' strengths and weaknesses. Mediator's trainers relied on attractive case presentations to convey the knowledge in an unconventional manner. Our staff members are willing to attend other courses conducted by Katarzyna Kulikowska and Dariusz Horyd.

We recommend the course for trainers, in particular training professionals with several years of practical experience.
Iwona Horodecka
Human Resources Director
Toyota Motor Poland

We have been working with Mediator on a myriad of projects over the past 5 years. All projects have been developed based on the results of an extended audit covering every area of operation (...). They were thoroughly consulted and modified to meet the specific needs of our business.

Various exercises and tasks were planned in between sessions, and the results were discussed in joint effort. All courses had highly attractive content and form which built the participants' trust and involvement. Our staff members found the learned skills to be highly useful not only in the workplace, but also in their personal lives.

Mediator's trainers are extremely flexible and innovative, and they swiftly respond to any changes that arise during the project. The communication process was always open, and Mediator's trainers and consultants were always available during the training and in between sessions.

We fully recommend Mediator as a skilled provider of standard and unconventional personnel development programs at all management levels. Knauf Bauprodukte will continue to rely on Mediator's training programs.
Andrzej Feruga
General Director
Knauf Bauprodukte


selected modules from various closed training sessions:

Training for burnt-out employees part I

Competence development can be as exhausting and intensive as work. Training can be a source of burnout. We offer to change that. Instead of providing employees with new information, we propose to use the existing assets in an unconventional way. During this training, the participants will learn to set personal goals and effectively carry them out.
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Stress management

Stress, whether conscious or unconscious, has a critical impact on our lives. The more we know about stress and its sources, the more effectively we can control situations that overwhelm us. Stress seems to be an inseparable part of the contemporary reality, and everyone will benefit from learning how to manage it.
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Coaching – improving employee competencies part I

Coaching is a highly effective method of developing employee competencies. Although it means more work for the manager, the effort invested will pay off many-fold by increasing the employees' effectiveness, motivation and responsibility.
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Conducting difficult workplace conversations

If difficult situations such as disciplining or discharging employees concerned only the employee and the manager, the issue would be far less complicated. The involved parties' conduct in such situations depends on their personal standards, class and good will. Another very important factor that comes into play are the attitudes of the employees who observe the situation. These critical moments best illustrate the manager's attitude towards his employees, his class and style. During difficult conversations, the manager sets communication standards in the company. The "shock wave" propagated by such a situation may affect the employees for years to come, and the manager may be permanently labeled by its outcome.
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Team dynamics

Regardless of its goals, level of education, sex or race, every group of people goes through various learning stages in the cooperation process. Group members have to go through every phase of that process in order to learn how to cooperate, build mutual relations, loyalty and support. Those stages take place in a strict order, and they are governed by a specific set of rules.
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Assertiveness in professional communication

Assertiveness is often defined as the golden mean between aggression and submissiveness. A balanced approach in interpersonal communication brings better results. Assertiveness requires greater effort and concentration, but the results outweigh the costs many-fold.
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Negotiations, part I

Most negotiation failures result from inadequate preparation, personal limitations, excessive focus on performance goals and neglecting the importance of position building.
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Relations management

The success and failure of human relations is determined by our ability to formulate the right arguments and understand the interlocutor's thinking patterns. This versatility is a prerequisite for mutual understanding, and it is often the key to achieving the most complex goals.
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